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The human and cultural environments constitute the two most influential factors and encompass human life. The problem of imbalance in the human environment cannot be separated from excessive imbalance in culture in the broadest sense. The environment is defined as comprising the biosphere, i.e. the rock, water, and air that surround the earth, together with the ecosystems that they support. These ecosystems consist of communities of individuals of different populations living in given area together and we inevitably to include the patterns of behaviour of the people themselves, as they are all interrelated in a cultural environment.

One of caution of the environmental degradation was made through tourism developments that take a fatalistic approach to tourism consider that it cause both of self-destructive and inevitably destructive of its environment.

As Bali is being the reason for Indonesia to become a tourist destination country, the environment of Bali is tourism's resource. Tourism is critical to the economic survival in Bali. Which is cultural tourism is the most prominent of tourist attraction in Bali.

The basic unit of a community is the individual. The local people individually have unconsciously been influenced through intensive interaction with the tourism industry and it is directly responsible for the changing nature of the community of the culture.

Turning to Bali's cultural environment, from time to time the general debate surfaces on the reciprocal connection between culture, environment and tourism in which are considered to be mutually contradictive.

The phenomenon of Bali's environment and culture serve a jump off for the founding of GWK Foundation in 1993 with the mission:

  • To fight a mutual benefits between cultures and to conserve the environments in a broader sense
  • To facilitate Indonesian culture steps toward more competitive forum at the global level.
  • To establish a world cultural communication

Since the vision puts more stress on the aspiration and hopes for the future, both those limited to the self and those of a more universal nature, the emphasis in the mission is on the application of short term, medium term and long terms program. These constitute a consistent implementation in bridging up the road from vision to reality.

Goals and objective

    • Through the project development and tourism attraction effort to increase the prosperity of the community with its multiplier effect.
    • Support the heritage and tourism destination conservation in the island of Bali, as well as Indonesia and the world.
    • Advancement of human values and its quality of life by developing a better image of Indonesian culture in the eyes of the world.
    • Perpetuation and conservation of the cultural and environmental resources
    • Establishment of the world cultural communication



As GWK Foundation concern is to fight a mutual benefits between cultures without leaving the perpetuation of the art and cultural, the first phase begin with how to build an infrastructure of tourism to increase growth of tourism population which will win a mutual benefits between cultures and conservation of the environment.

This phase is implemented by presenting the project of Mandala Garuda Wisnu Kencana cultural park in 1993, that is considerations the thought, first that the arts must rely its life from the arts itself which are supposed involving professional management and well connection to the tourist industry. The second consideration is the cultural park as such must function as commercial tourist infrastructure with the ability to build up an individual and supporting arts industry cycle.

Bali is considered as the Indonesia tourism gate away, as well as the entry point for the development of other tourism destinations in Indonesia. Besides aforementioned rationale, Bali is the most appropriate place for establishing world cultural forum aimed as leverage to create better appreciation to world cultures.


The short-term works will spin off fundament for the medium term framework of human resources development towards the more competitive forum at the global level. In Mandala Garuda Wisnu Kencana's progress of development, fund is collected by participation from the society with their entrance ticket, donation, and royalty from the park, etc. This fund raising will be given back to the people of art & culture society by programs of culture development, scholarship, training of art, and special programs for the community of art & culture.


The success of the short and medium-term efforts will completely determine a step to jump into the global level. With Garuda Wisnu Kencana as The World Cultural Forum, establishment of the world cultural communication will allow interactions among cultures, which will build a mutual understanding of the way of thinking and attitude. Shall the interaction is in place; cultural diplomacy will serve as a media to strengthen the friendship among nations. The achievement of the short-term and medium-term be facilitated through the World Cultural Forum as its infrastructure to stimulate performance at international level competition and appreciation.

The World Cultural Forum is also based on the fact of interdependency among nations. Considering the most reason changes at the global level is obvious due to the end of cold war era, which the economic orientation is then becoming an underlying trends, it triggers tighter and tougher competition among world countries. Another significant contributing factor made through the progressive advancement of science and technology, particularly the information technology and telecommunication that has shortened and created the borderless world.

One of the causes of global chaos is the imbalance between the ongoing world countries competition and a comprehension of and respect to humanity values. Garuda Wisnu Kencana Foundation is committed to bring art and cultures as humanity values to become the safety valves to provide the medium for communication among cultures that create peaceful message for a better future history of the world.


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